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The Abide Cottage

 a person standing in front of a building a close up of a flower garden a room filled with furniture on top of a wooden table a kitchen with wooden cabinets and a dining room table a kitchen with a stove top oven sitting inside of a wooden door a bedroom with a bed and a painting on the wall

The Abide Cottage was built in 1938 and is one of the most “fairytale looking” of all the Mushroom Houses.

Earl Young had traveled to Europe at this point and started designing with a much more English Coltswald feel.  This is a great example of his transition on stone shape and sizes….he used Onoway Cut-Stone and used it in an almost puzzle like design.  Since there are no blueprints of his houses….workers had to literally just go off what he said the design should look like.  He even used to draw the houses out in the dirt to show what he was thinking.

The Abide Cottage has 2 bedrooms but is only a little over 700 sq feet and Earl did not like designing kitchens.  In every house,  they are super small and very user “unfriendly.” In the Abide Cottage, the kitchen is so small that you can only fit a mini fridge and probably one person.  That just adds to the charm though and is just one of Earl’s quirky traits that makes him so unique.

The outside has a beautiful red trim that was not original to the house….but adds such a great feel to it making it even cuter.  It truly feels like a “Hansel and Gretal” house when viewing in person!!

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