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Trip Advisor named us the #1 site to see in our area!!
See what the fuss is about….its easier than ever with our newly installed booking system!!

The “Mushroom Houses” of Charlevoix are 28 of the most interesting and fascinating stone structures ever built in the United States and…they are only here in good ole’ Charlevoix, MI.!!!


They are a MUST see sight and there is no better way then with a fun and educated guide!
 We will give you the inside scoop and with all the fun tidbits and facts that no book or amount of online research can match!


We have been studying and interviewing home owners and historians on these magical structures since 2006.  Not only do we have the information, but we have the passion and hence our beloved “Best Tour In Town” slogan lives up to its name!! 




Booking your tours are so easy and user friendly there is no reason to wait!!

There are 2 styles of tours we offer at this time:

  • GEM Car “GiGi”: 50 Min. tour at $15 per seat (5 avail. seats per tour) and we see ALL 28 HOUSES!!  This is the “most popular” tour because we see ALL the houses and you don’t want to miss that!!
  • WALKING Tour-50 Min. at $10 per person for a beautiful 3/4 mile walking tour through the Park Ave. section of houses. (11 houses total)


BOOK it now and if you need to change the date/time or cancel all together…give us 24 hrs and receive a full refund or switch to a different time/date slot at no additional cost….its a no brainer!

All tours booked before Memorial Day will receive a free “Mushroom House” gift the day of the tour!!

Call anytime with questions at 231 445 0770 or click “BOOK NOW” anywhere on this site and get your magical excursion locked in place….you won’t regret it!!




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