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I was so excited this summer to be asked to re-design and paint a fish sculpture for a client in Bay Harbor. The fish had been a part of the Red Cross fundraiser where local artists paint whatever animal sculpture is chosen for that year.

When the fish were being done years ago, I was not involved with the program. I was however involved with the “Turtle” project where I managed to come up with “Lilly Pulitzer Prize Winner” as my design for that year.

I got a hugely popular response and was thrilled when the owner of a fish decided that they MUST have a Lilly Pulitzer themed fish of their very own.

Took it upon myself to go through fabrics and samples of Lilly Pulitzer fabric until I found the perfect fit. Being the client loved aqua, turquoise and pinks…I made sure those were the main colors and then added my own twist with the black, polka dot fins.

“Fernando Fish,” which my significant other and I lovingly named…became a good friend in our household as he is rather large and our apartment is rather small.

It was hard to say goodbye but he is in his new home and is probably just a hop, skip and a jump away from his sister, the turtle. Hopefully they live long and happy lives bringing a charm and beauty that only original artwork can provide!

Bravo to the Red Cross for coming up with such fun and fabulous ideas of animal sculptures to adorn the paint of local artists in the community. Keep your eyes open for next year’s animal which has yet to be revealed!


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