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Alex King and Edith Pair
“Crazy Bitch” Voting #63762 located on the main floor of the B.O.B for ArtPrize!!

On a very cloudy, rainy Tuesday morning…my wonderful significant, Alex King, and I set out on the road heading for the exciting and extremely anxious trip to Grand Rapids, MI, where we to showcase my first ever installation in ArtPrize.

Recently recognized as one of the biggest and best art shows in the world, you can imagine my stress level was at an all time high and I was in full on panic mode.

As luck would have it, the closer we got to Grand Rapids, the sunnier it became and by the time we got there…the clouds had all but cleared completely.  I should have realized then that was a very good sign from above!!

Not knowing a thing about Grand Rapids, we would have been completely lost if not for my good friend MapQuest.  We were easily navigated to my painting’s new home called the “B.O.B,” which stands for  Big Old Building, and is known for hosting the funkiest and coolest artwork in all of ArtPrize!!

Upon entering the front door after lengthy bickering about where and how to park the most conveniently, I was certain everyone there was going to look at me with confusion and say something along the lines of “I am sorry Ms. Pair, but we have no records showing you were accepted into ArtPrize and most certainly were not picked to showcase here.”

As I said a small prayer that would not happen, in I went with my fingers crossed. I was met with one of the most gracious welcoming’s I could ask for and with my name in big black letters on the long list of accepted artists.

Barbara, who runs the B.O.B, was just as excited for me to hang my piece as I was and was a true delight to meet and become friends with!  It’s not often you meet people in that environment who doesn’t have a little attitude, but she could not have been nicer and more welcoming to us.

We got the deluxe treatment and by the time we left, we had made 2 new great friends with other artists in my vicinity and got our 1st glimpse of how this all works without anything going wrong.

As much as I tried to enjoy the smoothness of the entire process, I was still certain that at any moment, someone would tap me on the shoulder and tell me there had been some big mistake and to please grab my things and leave immediately!

Thank dear god that didn’t happen and I am now home and have publicity and marketing all over for “Crazy Bitch” and I couldn’t be more proud and humbled by all the support from my friends and family.

To be involved with something of this caliber and popularity is something I have strived for since I was a little punk.  I am blessed and honored and I promise to continue to try and create and execute the finest artwork I can and share it with the world!

God Bless and take care ..Edith Pair

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