Fall Mushroom House Tours Still Going Strong

Fall Tours Are Still Going Strong!!!

This year has brought us record breaking, fabulous weather and the fall leaves are just hitting peak in good ole' Charlevoix, MI!!

  For the past 7 years, we have offered daily tours and are the "original" Mushroom House tour company.
We were also voted "Best Tour in Town".... Can't beat that!!

Since this is our own business....we offer only the highest standards of customer service and have an impeccable record of fantastic reviews.  So many that we actually have had 30% of our clients come back for a second tour with friends or guests!! Its a great way to showcase Northern Michigan and a wonderful way to spend an otherwise boring afternoon!

Meet the tour guides: Edith Pair and Alex King
We are both artists and creative types with an extreme passion and knowledge on all things Earl Young....we will NOT disappoint!

Lets face it....we are a tourist town.  So that being said,
we here at "Tour Michigan".... and Charlevoix in general.... like to extend our services to the wonderful people who visit for as long as we can. 

For us, that means as long as the weather holds up!
We have been in full swing and running daily tours with the only issue being the cold temperatures.
Therefor, we have a full supply of warm and cozy blankets and will be offering hot chocolate in the weeks to come.

We plan on touring at least through Thanksgiving so grab your warmest coat....and see the fabulous creativity of these magnificent stone structures which are located solely in Charlevoix, MI..
Its a treat and a trip you won't want to miss!!!

Apple Fest 2016 was a HUGE success!!

       APPLEFEST in Charlevoix is one of the most popular times of the year to visit!!  
The city and wonderful Chamber of Commerce put their heart and soul into this wonderful weekend!!!  
We had over 30,000 visitors this year and heard great comments and reviews.....
think caramel apples, hot cider, fabulous artwork from local and statewide artists....and of course...the fabulous 'Mushroom Houses" of Charlevoix!!

We try and give the best tour we possibly can to show these fabulous stone structures.  
"GG"...our always popular GEM car, worked her little "buns" off this weekend and we managed to do 19 GEM car tours and 3 complimentary walking tours.
As luck would have it....the weather seems to be working in our favor and we will be providing daily tours until the snow gets too high to drive through.  Go ahead and book your tour now and we can always cancel due to weather.
The GEM car holds up to 5 people and is a suggested donation of $15 per seat!
Book online by hitting the "book now" icon or...
Call me ANYTIME directly at 231 445 0770 with questions or concerns!!


CALL 231-445-0770

Mushroom House Tours offer walking and driving in GEM car tours of the legendary architect/engineer Earl A. Young famous Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix, Michigan. We have been guiding tours for the past 7 years and would love to take your group!

Our tours begin and end at Elements Gallery 211 Bridge Street, Charlevoix, Michigan 49720.

Suggested Donation of 15.00 per person please


I was so excited this summer to be asked to re-design and paint a fish sculpture for a client in Bay Harbor. The fish had been a part of the Red Cross fundraiser where local artists paint whatever animal sculpture is chosen for that year.

When the fish were being done years ago, I was not involved with the program. I was however involved with the “Turtle” project where I managed to come up with “Lilly Pulitzer Prize Winner” as my design for that year.

I got a hugely popular response and was thrilled when the owner of a fish decided that they MUST have a Lilly Pulitzer themed fish of their very own.

Took it upon myself to go through fabrics and samples of Lilly Pulitzer fabric until I found the perfect fit. Being the client loved aqua, turquoise and pinks…I made sure those were the main colors and then added my own twist with the black, polka dot fins.

“Fernando Fish,” which my significant other and I lovingly named…became a good friend in our household as he is rather large and our apartment is rather small.

It was hard to say goodbye but he is in his new home and is probably just a hop, skip and a jump away from his sister, the turtle. Hopefully they live long and happy lives bringing a charm and beauty that only original artwork can provide!

Bravo to the Red Cross for coming up with such fun and fabulous ideas of animal sculptures to adorn the paint of local artists in the community. Keep your eyes open for next year’s animal which has yet to be revealed!

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